New Skill Upgrade System

Happy New Year.

V0.397 has now been released generally. This is the first of a couple of major changes I’ll be making over the coming months as I try to streamline and finish some of the game mechanics I’ve been experimenting with during the development of this game and hopefully – finally – settle them into their final form. In some case – like in this – I’ll be abandoning mechanisms that have been in the game for a long time, but which simply haven’t worked out the way I wanted them to.

The new skill system is described on the wiki pages, so if you have any questions, check that. If there is stuff that you think is missing on the page, either edit it, or – alternatively – ask me on the Discord. It’s difficult for me to make time to edit the pages, but I’ll try to the best of my ability.

My aim for 2020 is to wrap up development on P&T2. I don’t know if that will be possible – there is still a lot of work outstanding and I do not intend to abandon the game – but that is certainly my hope. We’ll see how far I get with it.