About MicaBytes

MicaBytes is a one person game company based in Norway. It was formed in 2008 by Michael Akinde to serve as the business entity for his various game projects. MicaBytes started out working on “Imperium – Rise of Rome”, a character-based, historical strategy game of the ancient world. Some time during the long development cycle of that game, the Android OS was released, and I released a “A Brief History of Rome” (BHR) upon that platform. BHR was essentially a tech demo of some ideas from Imperium, but with the feedback from that game I went back to the drawing board and wrote “Pirates and Traders“. The unexpected success of the later pretty much killed momentum on all other game projects.

Using the income from the game, “Pirates and Traders” was upgraded for free in 2012 to a version 2.0 with better graphics, music, and deeper gameplay. The old version of the game was re-released as “Pirates and Traders:Retro“.

MicaBytes is currently working on three new game projects: “Small Battles“, “Pirates and Traders 2“, and “Dwarf Kingdom“. This is not quite as insane as it sounds, since the three games are based around a common game engine.

MicaBytes’ Mission

MicaBytes is dedicated to creating games that enlighten as well as entertain; to create simple turn-based games of story-telling and strategy that explore both historical and fantastical worlds.

About Michael

Michael has been creating computer games ever since he put his teenage fingers on the keyboard of his first computer and discovered the world of QBasic. His first projects were simple arcade games created for the amusement of his siblings; since then, he has learnt a lot of programming languages, written his master’s thesis on artificial intelligence and database systems, completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and has spent more than a decade working on the development of data warehouses for weather data.

And  – of course – coding games.

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