Interesting Times

I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times… in which day by day brought us new objects of interest, and, let me say also, new objects for anxiety, to paraphrase Joseph Chamberlain (and not the Chinese, to whom the saying is most often attributed).

I hope you, your loved ones and friends are all doing well. I am fine, in case anyone was wondering, and at least so far we have steered clear of the pandemic enveloping the world.

My productivity has taken a hit during this time, however, as I have a lot of work in the past few weeks , as we’ve been adding new employees at my day job, just days before all our offices were put into lockdown. I am fortunate to be one of those who can work easily from home – I’m even in a better position than most of my colleagues, as I already have an excellent home office setup due to MicaBytes. But WFH does add an extra burden on top of an already busy period for me (due to the extra coordinating required), and I think the past week is probably the first 7-day period in a very, very long time where I haven’t touched the code for Pirates and Traders at all. I have started to work on it again today, but expect progress to be a little slow – there’s simply not much left of the day in between work, home-schooling my kids, and talking to loved ones (a piece of advice I’d pass on – talk to the people closest to you, you never know who’s struggling with anxiety at a time like this).

Work on P&T2 is progressing, though, and a new version is currently being tested out by the P&T2 alpha victims. They haven’t found many critical bugs, though, so I’m thinking this is almost ready to move to the opt-in beta testers in the next couple of days. I have some changes I’d like to introduce, but if all goes well – and I get some time to work – I’d like to see if I can get a new version out during the weekend.

In the meantime – stay safe, and take care of yourself and your families.