Privacy Policy


As with all Android software and websites, my apps gain access to certain information when you use them. This data includes the make of your phone, OS version, and stats collected during game play.

All my apps make use of  the Network Communication: Full Internet Access permission. This allows the apps to communicate with the internet and is used for the following purposes:

  • To serve help pages from All documentation for my apps will eventually be maintained on-line.
  • To serve ads from Admob Google Inc. in those apps that are ad-supported. Admob Google Inc. is governed by Admob’s privacy policy.
  • To collect technical data through Google Crashlytics. Crashlytics is used to log crash and savegame corruption errors that occur in the game, which allows us to identify, diagnose and fix errors faster and more efficiently.

All data collected in this context is non-personal, and cannot be used to identify you.

Personal Information

MicaBytes does not collect personally identifying information about its users. We do not – nor will we ever – ask you directly for information about your phone number, passwords, or any other private and potentially sensitive information.


Like almost all websites, uses cookies. You should be able to disable the cookies without any significant issues.

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