MicaBytes 2017

Time for another status.

Looking at the last update, in-app purchases have been added to the game and the initial work on portraits has been done. I expect to release the first version with configurable player portraits and character items to the beta channel early this month. It’s not going quite as fast as I would like, but then, nothing ever does.

The next step after this will be to start work on the land combat engine, and overland travel. That will probably take a month or two, though I plan to work on other things in parallel so that the game is not left without updates for too long. In particular, I will be taking a look at the issues with recruitment and crew management that keep recurring. In addition, I hope to finally get some of the documentation for P&T2 written up – even if just some draft documents (incidentally, if you can write, have played the game a bit, and are interested in helping out with writing some game guides, etc., feel free to ping me).

Finally, I hope to start blogging more, and generally using this site more for communication and discussion. I’ll still respond to comments and messages on Facebook, but the plan is to write more here, and then link to it on FB, Twitter, etc. We’ll see how that idea goes.

Until next time.