Closing in on Release

It’s been a bit short of news on the fan page for a while now; the reason is quite simply that I’ve been busy, at work, and at working on Pirates and Traders 2.

After some initial stability issues, the new game engine now seems to be stable and without any obvious major issues (there are still the occasional crashes when play tester run into some stupid bug I’ve made, but those are quickly fixed). Hopefully this means a more problem-free launch than my previous attempts. Cloud saves are mostly working, though Google’s system there is not always 100% secure; I’ll be implementing local saves to supplement this.

There is still a deal of things that need to be completed. The game’s storylines have to be re-edited and tested, events have to be fixed (which is what I’m currently working on), and some of the game mechanics still need to be “hooked” into the game again. But all in all, I feel there is good progress in development when I have time to work on it, and I’m hopeful that the game will be release-worthy (if not fully complete), sometime in December.  December is a really bad month to release anything, though, so the plan right now is to go for a release in January.