2013: New Beginnings

As those of you who follow the Twitter/Facebook feed may have gathered, Christmas brought a new addition to my household. Given that MicaByte is essentially a one-person, part-time company, that means that the next couple of months will be… interesting. I expect to be able to continue development on my various projects, but it would be naive to think that another little rascal in the house won’t affect my development work schedule. So we’ll see how far I get in 2013 with all the many projects I have planned.

One thing that I have planned is to get this blog active again. We’ll see how it goes this time; the last attempt fell down flat. This time, at least, I have a couple of posts planned out.

Another task for the new year is to wrap up development on Pirates and Traders. This version of the game is almost feature complete; any major new features at this point will have to go into an entirely new version of the game – i.e., not until and unless I do a sequel. However, there is still a deal of material that is planned for the game, including two long quests (similar to the “Crown of Montezuma” storyline), minor events, and additional backgrounds for the Gold! version.

I have been doing work on new features and ideas for the game engine for some time, however. I hope to show off the new game engine in two projects that will hopefully be released next year: “Dwarf King” and “Small Battles”. More to come about those projects in the weeks to come.

Until then, Happy New Year, all.