Merry Christmas 2021

Another year, another lockdown (at least here, locally). Not the best omen to round out this year, but again, I shouldn’t complain much about this – compared to most, I’m pretty privileged.

MicaBytes-wise, this has been another poor year. Working from home has that “cost” for me; it means that I spend much more time on my regular job every day (because I no longer have that “end of day” divide that going home from the office provides), and when I then do manage to decouple from work, I need to decouple from the home office space as well. So while development has continued steadily this year, it has also been slow.

And it’s now more than a year since the last update of the “production” version of P&T2. That was not my intention, but just how things have turned out. Stabilizing the game has proven a challenge – each new release has turned up new issues that had to be fixed, which then led on to new issues, etc. The current set of upgrades, however, are 100% focused on stabilizing the build. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a public build out by the end of this year, but I will if the code looks to be fairly stable again.

So that’s basically the short-term plan: get the current update out in public release. Once that is done, we’ll see – there are a few high priorities on my list: getting the land combat system finished as well as adding the long-form stories to the game; but if there is one thing I take from the past couple of years, it is to not make too long-term plans for game development.

Either way – if you were wondering: Yes, the game is still being developed. No, I can’t give any guarantees when it will be finished. And yes – the features mentioned in prior posts are still in the pipeline.

Have a Merry Christmas (or whatever season you celebrate) and Good Fortune to you in 2022.