Merry Christmas

So, a most unusual and stressful year is coming to a close. I can’t say that I am happy with where this year has left MicaBytes, but then again, I can’t complain too much. For me, it is primarily the game development that has suffered. Many others have had it far worse.

I have started working – very slowly – on finishing the next major update of P&T2. As mentioned several times now, work left me swamped throughout this fall, and – something which shouldn’t have surprised me, but still did – also into the winter. I am slowly scaling back the time spent on work, but that is also a slow process – I’m not very good at that. But it’s happening, and I hope that I’ll soon have the energy to put in some serious work hours on finishing up this update which is an important one for the game.

The next update “finishes” the ship construction system, which means that after this, I can start implementing player-directed ship construction (and also finally add “ship modding” to P&T2). It’s something I’ve put off for too long, but – of course – I chose the worst possible moment to start work on it, given what happened. The new duel system also needs to be properly rolled out, and – along with it – the non hex-based land combat system. My focus right now is to put the game back into a state where I can release an update – not necessarily with everything 100% done – and then continue working on getting these systems finished up. But I’m excited to get this done, because with those three systems in place, the game’s mechanisms will be almost all in place. At that point, it will be more about tying things together and adding content – or so I hope.

The proof is in the pudding, though (or something like that), and there is still a distance to go. So I’ll have to keep asking for your patience, and wish you a Merry Christmas and for all of us – a Happier 2021.

Take care, all.