Back to the Black Flag

Or back to developing on Pirates and Traders 2 again. As I’ve mentioned on Discord, I had to put a temporary pause on development for a few weeks. As I mentioned back in May, I got promoted. Post-summer has played hell with my time, due to a major project deadline, and the imminent expansion of the development team I’m responsible for (we’re basically increasing our number from 11 to 24). So I’ve pretty much been swamped.

Fortunately, things will hopefully ease up at work now, which means I can once again spend time on game development. Apart from getting back into the forums and following up on all the bugs and adding new encounters, the plan now is to complete the “final” part of the game mechanics that I haven’t implemented yet – the ship construction/modification system. I have a mind to dig into that right away, actually – seeing as how it is likely to mean some pretty important changes to the Ship code.

Once implemented, it should be possible to both customize ships that you’ve bought/captured, but also construct ships from scratch (albeit still constrained by historical choices, obviously). Since this is a major change to the game structures, it will – once I’m done – as usual go out on the alpha and beta channels first, but hopefully I can get it done and we can get everything tested and rolled out by the end of the year.

In the meantime – stay safe and take care. And let’s hope a vaccine gets rolled out soon.