Still here

I’m still here, although things have been slow for the past few months. This is both due to the situation in general and for (real-life) work reasons. On the personal front, Covid-19 has meant working from home, and a fair amount of time taken up with home-schooling/spending time with my two boys. That has also meant longer hours (meaning less free time for P&T2). I’ve also gotten promoted at work (became development team lead), which has meant even more work. I can’t – and shall not – complain, but it does make doing work on P&T2 very hard.

On the plus side of the equation, though, I have finally managed to work out a personal combat system for characters that I feel works, and suits the game. I’ve started documenting it on the wiki, but it will probably continue to develop further in the coming updates. At it’s heart, it’s basically a “standard” RPG combat system where you pick and execute actions in turn. I like this system because it really allows your choice of weapons and gear to have an impact (and will allow even more of an impact once I’ve polished the system even more). I hope you enjoy it.

The duel system now also means I can finally start introducing new stories and events. The first few ones have already been added. Note that you should now be able to trigger events by loitering in the tavern quarter (hang around).

Version 0.412 has gone out to the open beta testers. Version 0.398 (the previous open beta) has been released generally. Assuming no major issues are found with the new beta, it should be released generally fairly soon as well.

As always: stay safe, and take care of yourself and your families.