Autumn Update

The big autumn update is now live on the beta opt-in channel. Assuming no major issues turn up, it will move into general release within a few days – as usual. As mentioned in a previous post, there are a bunch of major changes in this update.

  • Trade Good system has been changed. Goods are now sold in 100s of units. This is a change implemented to make it possible to send/purchase goods with land forces.
  • Skill system has been streamlined and simplified. New system contains 16 skills (several old skills have been merged).
  • Land combat system is back and revamped (hex-based, rather than squares, one-unit-per-hex).
  • You can now select which flag you want to fly.

More changes and updates should follow – in particular, I’ll be adding new encounters and stories with combat, as well as improving the combat system.