End of May

It’s been a while since the last post on game progress, and the reason is probably what you’d expect: not all that much to report yet. I have been – and am – short on time at the moment, which means that even minor issues tend to result in long development cycles. I think this may actually have been one of the “worst” periods I’ve had with respect to MicaBytes ever. I have always had the philosophy that – in the absence of real-life crises – I always spend an hour (or more) on the projects every day. I’m not religious about that – I do take days/evenings off to relax – but I try to make sure that there’s always regular progress. In the past few months I’ve had at least one stretch of a week where I got almost nothing done which is both frustrating and annoying.

So what (has been) happening? Pretty much just one thing: integrating the land combat into the game. This has been much, much more complicated than I anticipated, and to be honest I’m still not 100% satisfied with how things work together. But I think that – at this point – I may just have to finish the implementation of the system I have and “get on with it”.

That’s basically the plan at the moment. Finish implementing the main game to battle and back conversion, track down the most egregious bugs, release an upgrade with that, and then I can improve on that as and when I find issues with it. That has always worked best for me, I feel – release, iterate and improve.

Apologies if you’ve contacted me and I haven’t responded. I’ll try to make time for a response as soon as I can, but right now what time I have for MicaBytes is 100% dedicated to getting the combat engine working in P&T2.