And not so rapid iterations

So, after the rapid iterations of the last major set of changes, it’s been quickly back to the grindstone, with the usual problems I’ve been struggling with for the past year or so. Easter was great though – I got some time to step away from work, do classical Norwegian easter things (Ski, Chocolate and Boardgames), and basically relax for a bit.

Back to work now, though, and finally closing in on completing the combat system for Pirates and Traders 2. It’s taken way more time than I had expected, and I’ve pretty much dug myself in for the past few weeks for that final push, but it’s finally at a point where I’m happy enough with the approach that I’m willing to put it into the game. I hope to release a stand-alone demo to the closed beta group within the next few weeks, and follow that up soon after with the first version in the main game itself once I’ve dealt with the first rounds of feedback and verified that it actually works.

With combat in place, I can finally start adding all of the stories/quests which involve combat sequences, as well as introduce the most-asked for feature in P&T2 – port assaults. I’m looking forward to that.

I have a backlog of e-mails to get through as well after the Easter, and I’ll be trying to empty it this week. So if you’re waiting for a response, hopefully I’ll get back to you before the weekend. Until then… fair winds, and may your weather be a little less cold than our local fimbulwinter.