Snow, snow, snow

I had hoped to have an update ready tonight, but instead I spent the weekend digging my home free from the snow that has been falling over this damn country for the past month. If anyone is interested in approximately a thousand tons of ice and snow (my totally rational, unbiased estimate), feel free to come by and pick it up.

Currently, work is progressing on three things:

  • Combat Engine: Still not happy with this one, unfortunately. Difficult to find that sweet spot between simplicity, complexity, and quick resolution – even when code isn’t breaking. Still a while out, unfortunately.
  • Adding new random events to the game. The only thing I’m missing now is to have the NPC’s react to the events, which is why the next few updates of the game will…
  • Improve on the game character interface and introduce social dynamics. I’ll probably write a blog post on this, but essentially the idea is to make the friendships and rivalries in your crew more obvious, and make them (finally) have more meaning. As part of that work, I’ll also be going through the character code and fixing bugs + doing general improvements to the UI.

I’m still incredibly busy in my day job, but there will be an update – hopefully several – during this month.