Less Crunch, More Code

January is over, and unfortunately I’m still massively busy. But things are – gradually – letting up so that I’ll be able to work on this more consistently for longer periods of time. I make it a point to always do some work on the game, but when all that I can get time for is thirty minutes a couple of times a day, my ability to do make any major changes naturally is pretty limited.

A new version should be rolling out just about now, but it’s mostly minor improvements and stability fixes to the code. However, the next update will include a few new stories/events, and my plan is to get the first iteration of the combat engine out into the closed beta group this month. Assuming that version of the combat engine works (i.e., there are no major crashes/things breaking), I will incorporate it into the core game shortly after and start fine-tuning it in-game.

As usual, thanks for your patience.