November Nights

Hi all. Apologies for the long hiatus since the last post. It’s the usual – too much work, too many family things happening, spiced with a bit of flu and a dose of getting access to Mass Effect: Andromeda which I had to sink a few hours of “research” into. Actually, the last is only half a joke; when I play games these days, it’s almost always with half a brain thinking “what’s working here, what’s not”. With ME:A, unfortunately, it was not so much of the former, and a lot of the latter. I have my pet theories as to why the story in ME:A didn’t work, where the old trilogy and the Dragon Age games do, but that’s probably a subject for a separate blog post some day.

In any case, work is still ongoing, of course and picking up pace again. The next update will add random events back in at ports (they’ve been disabled for a little while), and I’m also in the process of creating new and more random events to add to the mix. And then it’s finally time to integrate the combat engine. It probably won’t be fancy or even necessarily very challenging to start with, but as usual I’ll be improving on the code, refining the game mechanics until it’s done…  and you guys will have to stop asking me when port attacks are going to be possible. 😉

Timeline is to try and get this done by New Year, but we’ll see. November and December are always busy months, so no guarantees..

  • Pedro Pinheiro

    Can’t wait until the update. And as i see that the comments are only to ask for features, i think it would be cool if i just leave a comment. You are doing a amazing job by the way.

    And, you know, it would be better if i could help with coding instead of giving opinions, and you are only one person working in a big game.

    i found a issue where when you scuttle the ship with a subbordinate, he comes to your ship as a captain and with his mates, so i got my ship with like eight mates and a captain.

  • Hentai-senpai

    Hang in there buddy! I wish I could help but I know nothing about developing a game. So please make do with my well-wishes. Don’t push yourself too much. I’ll be keeping my eye out for your next update but for now, stay healthy! 😀