P&T V0.250

P&T v0.250 continues the update of the narrative interface.

The place to go to see this is the saloon (and the governor’s hall, if you have not yet met the governor). Instead of a list of names at the bottom of the screen, you will now see a row of character portraits at the top of the text area. If you press on the portrait, the story view will shift to that character and give you a description of the character as well as your options for interacting with them.

Beyond the introduction, you now have three options – each with different effects. Small talk is the “neutral” approach, which builds your relationship with the character with a low risk of bad things happening. Flatter is the “high risk” option, where you try to better your relationship with the character, but at the risk that they might see through your honeyed words. Question is the approach to try and get things out of the character – typically it will allow you to gain more detailed information about the character and/or their family and friends. As I do more work on this, it might also allow you to hear rumors, and gain other useful information (e.g., about parties happening, events, etc).

What is all this good for? Well, friends are good to have – friends in high places are particularly good. So one benefit of having friends is that they will share their opinion of you to others, so if you befriend the son of the governor, that will typically help improve the governor’s opinion of you.

A couple of things still need doing. One is to implement a view that allows you to look at what you know about the NPC (traits, skills, etc). Another is to implement the NPC residences – these will work similar to the saloons, except that you will only be welcome if you are a friend of someone in the house. And finally, I want to link the system up with the random event generator, as this will become the preferred way for “non-compulsory” story events to trigger. The plan is to roll some of these changes out in the coming updates, before I go all in on the land combat system.


  • Eddie Grizelda

    The new interface is amazing. Fits in perfectly with the rest of the UI, especially with the confusing status menu lol

    Only one bug has appeared with it and that is a script error when doing small talk. The others work fine and you’ll get what you described. Even got a few rumors that popped up when asking questions.

  • Shannon Peter Phua

    First off. Amazing, amazing game. Just a quick question or 2. I have 1 subordinate who keeps running off during combat. Is thete a way to switch him out?
    Next, how does prestige work? It says i have enough prestige for 1 subordinate, but how do i increase my prestige to get 2 subordinates or more? How do i build my fleet?

    Thanks much

  • Pedro Pinheiro

    I’m waiting for the opportunity to order my subordinate to draw a trade route beetween cities – the money accumulates automatically in the local bank and you are able to withdawl.

    We need financial support from the countries you fight for at certain ranks, or not, depending on you relationships with the governors. Maybe gaining a ship, crew or a subordinate.

    I don’t know if you require a historically balanced game, but PLEASE, tell me if similar features will be released soon.

  • Elias Rodolfo Castro

    I wish they could take Pirates and Traders to iOS 🙁

  • Apologies for not replying here, but I forgot to do so once I fixed the small talk thing. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Apologies for the late reply. Subordinates will run away if they feel they are outgunned or outnumbered. If you see this happening a lot in wrong situations, please mail me, and send screenshots with the ships being fought (and the subordinate ship), so that I can try to figure out why. Currently working on getting the combat engine working in the first draft – once that is working, I’ll do some more work on making this more obvious.

  • The plan (once the land combat stuff is in place), is to add two new ship “contracts”: merchant and privateer. These will work differently than the “pirate” contract: merchant contract will involve paying sailors a daily wage, but the sailors will refuse to attack enemy shipping. Privateers will similarly involve paying a wage to the sailors, who will agree to attack enemy shipping for a share of the plunder – as long as the target is “legal”.

    Higher ranking characters will be able to cooperate with the authorities of countries they support too.

  • Would like to do so, but I barely have enough time to work on P&T2 for the moment. In addition to which my toolchain is heavily Android based, so it would take a lot of work to move anything to IOS (though with Kotlin/Native being released, the path may eventually become shorter).

  • Manuel Stephen Bilog

    What will be added in the future update? Are there new weapons/dresses/ships included?

  • joe

    Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome game. One of the only mobile rpg games I’ve ever enjoyed. If you have similar games let me know. I switched to IOS a few months ago after my android got destroyed. I legit went out and bought a little burner android phone to continue playing. I know you’re super busy but an IOS version would be pretty dope in the future. I’d definitely pay full price for it. Anyways thanks man for the awesome content and actual communication with fans. Can’t wait to see where this game goes!

  • Andrew Fox

    Hey Micabytes could you explain the crew leveling system? Or direct me somewhere that will explain it?

  • Henri

    Is it possible to sell the starter ship? I dont need it anymore and it is no longer my flagship. I think that I have to remove the captain, but I dunno how.

  • iko chomi

    Hello… it’s really great game..
    I have a question.. about how to increas my personal prestige as well as subordinate..

    I stuck with just one subordinate.

  • Should be able to increase prestige by winning battles against enemies.

  • Apologies for the late reply (busy 2017 – hopefully this year will be better).

    You can’t sell ships that have a captain (the captain won’t agree to be demoted). You can scuttle/release them, though.

  • Apologies for the late reply (busy 2017 – hopefully this year will be better).

    Crew levels basically based on time and through combat. And I know – need to write some documentation.

  • Apologies for the late reply (busy 2017 – hopefully this year will be better).

    Thanks for the praise. Don’t think I will have time to do an IOS port anytime soon, unfortunately – still far too much work needing to be done to get this game into the shape I want it.

  • Apologies for the late reply (busy 2017 – hopefully this year will be better).

    Check some of the earlier blog posts.

  • Richard Nance

    Ok I have 2 ships and no way to move my 180 sailors around to man my second ship. How do I deal with two ships?

  • Hi. I assume from your other post that you resolved this issue.

  • Chaz

    I’m having an issue when I capture an enemy ship. Capture it go back to port to sell it. I have two ships in fleet already I sell the third recently acquired one. I go to leave port. But I am stopped because I need to redistribute crew among my two original ships for some reason they are in balanced. When go to do so. It will only allow me to transfer crew to the ship that I already sold and not the one I need to in my fleet. So I have reload an earlier save.