P&T v0.244

New version is rolling out now. This one adds a new player background for Gold! and has a few very important fixes – if you have a game career that is very important to you, consider creating a new save file.

This version should ensure that subordinate captains are now restored (previously, there was a bug that caused them to “disappear” after save/load). In addition, you should no longer see your crew being converted to NPCs constantly when you capture an enemy ship. This bug has been the cause of the poor performance in the game that some of you have complained about – i.e., movement (and pretty much everything else) slowing down the further you get into the game. In order to fix this problem, the first time you enter a port, the excess NPCs on your ship will leave your crew. So – if you see a bunch of NPCs abandon ship the first time you enter port – that’s why.

Assuming the update doesn’t cause any unforeseen problems, I plan to continue working on the character view and start adding NPC interactions next.

As mentioned, the cimmaron/escaped slave background has been added for Gold! players (4 down, 6 to go). The Cimmaron starts with a chasse-maree (tough start, but the slave brand will give a bonus in recruiting when the slave communities get added). Bucanneer has also been changed so that background now starts with a pinnace rather than a sloop. I hope to add the remaining backgrounds at regular intervals in the coming months.

Work is also progressing on the battle engine. Currently working on getting the AI running, after which I hope to be able to release a first test version to the closed-beta group to get some feedback.

Thanks for reading.