P&T2 v0.240

Pirates and Traders 2 v0.240 is rolling out now. Most noticeable change is probably the tweaking of the plunder sharing algorithm/crew demands; should hopefully be significantly easier to satisfy the crew now.  Also in this release – as usual – several minor bug fixes. I’ve also upgraded several of the underlying Google libraries, and moved across from some “legacy” libraries to Google Firebase.

Outside of bug fixes, primarily working on the combat engine at the moment.

  • Bowser

    I’m able to get more fleet ships than I have subordinates by continuing to add captains to prize ships. Also I am in a state where I have two flag ships.

  • Send me the savegame. Save it locally, and then long press on the delete button while in the load game view.

  • Saum Daryoushfar

    Hi im realy loving the game and all of its features, but i hope one thing you might add are more ships. In the first game i played on the second hardest difficulty and after 30 minutes i already captured a flag warship so after that i was free to do whatever.

  • Saum Daryoushfar

    I havent played the beta in a few weeks tho. Sorry if my suggestion wasnt helpful

  • No problem. Appreciate all feedback.

  • Probably won’t add new ships, but the difficulty level definitely needs some scaling. Working on it. 🙂