A Pirate Fleet: Part 2

So, I just have to admit: I suck at limiting myself to small tasks. I started out relaxing the requirements on subordinates; fixed it so that subordinate ships can now run off (if you have too many), got started on updating the user interface for the ship status views, tweaked the ship travelling speeds (ships now travel much faster overall), did some rework on the merchant deliveries, rebuilt some of the event engine, and ended up doing the upgrade of the story engine that I had been putting off for a couple of months now. All the while fixing bugs, cleaning up code…. and creating new bugs, while making more and more changes (ugh).

In short, version 0.227 is one of the largest changes in the code base I’ve done so far. That means that there will be some serious bugs in there, so… be wary.

On the plus side, I hope that both the story engine in general and the merchant delivery missions will be a lot less buggy. Assuming that is the case, I will be able to continue work on adding the old long-form quests back into the game (as well as adding new content).

The next few weeks will probably be spent on bug-fixing, though, and – of course – continuing work on the combat engine.