A Pirate Fleet: Part 2

So, I just have to admit: I suck at limiting myself to small tasks. I started out relaxing the requirements on subordinates; fixed it so that subordinate ships can now run off (if you have too many), got started on updating the user interface for the ship status views, tweaked the ship travelling speeds (ships now travel much faster overall), did some rework on the merchant deliveries, rebuilt some of the event engine, and ended up doing the upgrade of the story engine that I had been putting off for a couple of months now. All the while fixing bugs, cleaning up code…. and creating new bugs, while making more and more changes (ugh).

In short, version 0.227 is one of the largest changes in the code base I’ve done so far. That means that there will be some serious bugs in there, so… be wary.

On the plus side, I hope that both the story engine in general and the merchant delivery missions will be a lot less buggy. Assuming that is the case, I will be able to continue work on adding the old long-form quests back into the game (as well as adding new content).

The next few weeks will probably be spent on bug-fixing, though, and – of course – continuing work on the combat engine.

  • rafish


    i still have no idea how to setup a second ship for my fleet. i cant find anything about the requirements besides mentioned prestige and rank. but even what prestige is and where i can find something about it is a mystery Oo

    great potential, will keep an eye out for your work

  • Prestige is not shown at the moment – I intend to add it in the character status view when that gets overhauled. But the ship status view will show you how many ships you can command for your prestige level.

    Use the “new commander” button (button with a plus on it) while viewing your prize ships to appoint a new captain.

  • rafish

    ty, works fine right now, i also appreciate the changes in speed. after 2 hours still no major bugs besides the crew morale. i cant get enough money for them to share

  • John Stewart

    Biggest bug i get is game freezes if i try to dismiss crew by typing an amount to release and most of the time if i press the minus button from zero to roll back to largest amount available for dismissal,

    There are two cities you cant get to by boat

    Sometimes when you sleep in ship , it drifts but you can still view like you are in city, but when you look at a boat in dock its some mica boat with all 99 stats, a commision a new boat appears and my character face is blacked out, i know when i see mica boat to leave city, and when I do, i appear one space away from city.
    This game has a great format, love playing, will post more as I experience more, broke 200k gold and started buying rverything i can in shopping option

  • vitabrevis

    I love the game, however I have yet to find any information at any tavern, and I have not been able to secure any merchant jobs. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Joshua Grosenbacher

    I have found no information in my last two save games. But I noticed that there is a never ending cotton surplus in Gran Bahama, and a never-ending cotton shortage in Charlestown. I have screen shots that I can send you on social media if you need to see them.

  • Hentai-senpai

    You can find merchant jobs at the residential district when you are invited at the salon(note that there isn’t always a job request there). As for the information in the tavern, I also can’t find any(even when I buy the fish from the fishermen)

  • Hentai-senpai

    Hey, I just want to ask if there is a way to increase your skill other than training. It’s not important anyway so I asked it here rather than by e-mail.

  • Hi. Apologies for the late reply – bandwidth was a bit limited during vacation time.

    The two cities that are not reachable by boat are deliberate – land travel will be added later. I think I fixed everything else you mention last month.

    The drifting ship was the symptom of a really nasty bug was the cause of some really weird behavior that I’d been puzzled about for some time. Thanks for identifying that. Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

  • There is a bug with the tavern right now – I will be looking into fixing that ASAP.

  • No need, thanks. See reply below.

  • There will be, but right now that is the only way (and it still needs some work).

  • Jason Howard

    99 little bugs in the code
    99 little bugs…
    Take one down,
    Work it around,
    107 lit bugs in the code.

    We appreciate your pain and keep up the good work! My beta returns to main start up screen on saved game load. FYI… Is this a known bug?

  • Punisher of souls

    I can’t seem to get an officer.

  • You should get a new officer automatically if you run out of “unassigned” officers on your ship. Apart from that, the game doesn’t allow you to create new officers at the moment. Some new encounters that will allow you to recruit new officers will be added in the (hopefully) not too distant future.