Sharing booty

P&T2 version 0.208 has been released. This version has some work on the plunder sharing algorithm, streamlining it and hopefully fixing the bug that has been causing trouble for some players. Let me know if you still see any issues with sharing plunder – tracking down and fixing this bug is the top priority for this set of updates.

In addition, the plunder sharing option in the tavern should also tell you how much plunder your crew expects at the current time. The amount requested depends on the amount of time since the last sharing of plunder. Note that the crew become disgruntled if too much time (currently six months) passes – in such a case, their pay expectations increase significantly. They also will always require a minimum payout – approximately a month of wages (so even if it is 7 days since you last shared plunder, the crew will expect an amount equal to 30 days).

The next couple of patches will probably follow up on these changes, to fix bugs and tweak the mechanics a bit if I notice any issues.