No Easter Goodies (Yet)

Just a brief update on where things stand right now. After the portrait update and fixing the follow-up issues, I had to take a short break from working on the game to recharge the batteries and catch up on other things (also a little bit of gaming – though I steered clear of Mass Effect for now). Anyway, I’m back to work on P&T2 again now, and looking to do two things in the coming weeks (in addition to, of course, fixing bugs):

  • Work on the land combat engine. This will probably take a while, as there are lots of things I have to go over again in my old code for this – plus I’ll probably want to playtest this a bit before putting it into the game.
  • Adding new content to the game. I’ve put this off for long enough now, so in parallel with working on the game engine, I’ll try to add some new content to the game – both old stuff that’s been missing, as well as new stuff. I’ll be trying to have at least one release with updates every week – and hopefully at least one before the end of easter.

Of course, plans don’t always survive the meeting with reality, but that’s the idea for now.