Pirates and Traders v0.186

New version uploaded. It should fix the bug where players could “lose” their ability to receive a personal share of the plunder.

  • Ronnie Ream

    Personal share of plunder still not working. Please fix, thanks.

  • Timothy Sieber

    The plunder is working for me again. Thanks again for your hard work! I love being able to play this type of game again. Your awesome!

  • Jello1803

    Hello and good day.

    I recently downloaded and currently playing version 0.186 from the play store and here are some bugs I encountered.

    I have no screens shots available but I hope you can still fix them.

    1. Persuade/bribe after being captured.
    When I lose a sea battle and get captured and pick the persuade/bribe option, the game seems to continue but the option of recruiting new recruits in the tavern is no longer available. Also there seems to be no penalty for choosing this option(aside from no longer having new recruits).

    2. No new governors.
    After some time the governors seem to leave. I have a save file at the moment wherein there are no British governors in any of the major cities like Port Royale, St. Kitts, and Barbados.

    3. Spammed prizes.
    I battled a Spanish fleet of two boats. I captured both. However, when it came to the prize section. The game only lets me keep as a prize is the second ship. To add to this, it lets me ‘spam’ as many as I can. At the time this happened, my music was off so I thought the game was glitching because the game did not proceed to “Continue” after clicking prize which it would normally do. I pressed prize a couple of times before clicking the ‘Continue’ button on top of ‘Cargo’. After the battle my flagship was battered so I went to the ships menu and lo and behold, the menu showed my two original ships and the captured new ship. But more to this was the script that read. “Our fleet of 29 ships has…” so apparently there’s 26 ships hidden away. The hidden ships do not appear in the market or in the dock wherein you’d like to refit or repair your ships. They DO show up in the sell section. After this encounter I came away 100,000 richer. I am trying to remake this situation but capturing more than one ship is quite hard as the other ships tend to run away.

    4. Other bugs.
    These bugs/glitches were encountered and mentioned by other players but I was able to remake/encounter them.
    – free carousing to keep crew happiness high. Done when player has no personal wealth but can still buy rounds or feast in the tavern.
    – overflowing crew. Done by recruiting as many new recruits then shrinking your fleet size.
    – script bug. Found when you buy ‘strange’ cargo from the random encounter in the dock.
    – landlocked cities. Still not able to enter them.

    Overall the game is great. The buttons are better placed in comparison to Pirates and Traders.

    Maybe you could add a benefit from helping specific countries.
    In example:
    Spain: prizes from enemy countries yield additional 20% gold when sold
    Britain: bonus when fighting pirates
    Portugal: 25% bonus experience to gain promotions
    Dutch: merchant quests gives 50% more money
    Danish: sends you reinforcements in land battles proportional to rank

    Thank you for reading. ^_^

  • Hi. Apologies for the late reply – not quite sure why this has not popped up properly in Disqus. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and suggestions, especially the observation on #1. Some bug-fixing work to be done. Regards, Michael A.