Version 0.160

It’s been a long time coming, but version 0.160 is finally rolling out over Google Play now.
WARNING: This update messes with your savegames. If you want to avoid losing old saves, make sure that you do NOT overwrite them after the game has converted the old savegame (use <<Save New>> instead).
Although this is a pretty massive update, most of the changes are under the hood and won’t be visible. A huge amount of the changes are basically setting the game up for future update.
The biggest change to the game is that locations have been restructured to consist of “buildings”. One immediate consequence of that is that NPCs now have “homes” in which they live, and in which they will eventually be visitable. The player will also be able to purchase a home.
Another change is that the game now has a day-night cycle. This is mostly relevant in port; if you visit the government hall in the middle of the night, for instance, you won’t find the governor there (but maybe you can do a bit of robbery in future?). If you want to go to a Salon, you will have to go in the afternoon, etc. Basically, content encountered will vary depending on the time of day.
Distributing plunder has been changed. Keeping in line with the way it was done historically, sharing of plunder now involves distributing “all” of the plunder, minus 10% as a common share for maintaining the ship, etc. Partying with the crew has also been changed (the crew now pays their own way, unless you personally chose to sponsor them). This makes it harder to increase morale this way due to the cost, but hopefully the issues with morale have also been fixed now (sharing plunder should reset it, provided you have enough to satisfy the crew).
You can now also sell your uncut gems – if you can find a dealer. Be careful of building up suspicion though; that may bite you later. You need good intimidation for these kind of criminal activities, btw.
Also, lots and lots of bug fixes, as usual.
The testers did a fantastic job in catching bugs, so a huge thanks to all of them – especially those that lost save progress when things did not work out as I had expected. Anything that slipped through is my fault, and I’ll be keeping a close eye and probably releasing a bunch of patches over the coming week.
Once the worst issues in this new update have been dealt with, I’ll be adding new content and features to the game over the coming month including auto-save functionality, the new portrait generator, and personal player items. Also, the in-app purchase option to add new player backgrounds to the game (i.e., the P&T2 Gold! upgrade) and support development. And finally the land-based combat system.
Busy months ahead.