Summer’s Over

So, a month or so ago, I mentioned that thing’s were happening in my private life that caused a slight hiatus in development for P&T2. I can mention now that what happened was that a number of interviews (and the preparation for these) were swallowing up my free time, which mean that – come November – I will be switching to a new job.

What does that mean for Pirates and Traders 2? Hopefully, not a lot. It does mean that I will probably be pretty busy wrapping up my old job and settling into my new job in October/November, meaning that updates may slow down at that time. But other than that, I expect things to continue as normal.

Work on P&T2 proceeds, though there are unfortunately still a few more bugs in the game engine than I am happy with. I’ll have to pick out and quash them before the next big gameplay update, but in the meantime, I’ll be slowly adding more content. Goal for the next couple of weeks – other than to fix bugs – is to clean up the ship combat and implement the changes to prize ships that we have been discussing on the Facebook page.

Enjoy the last of summer, those of you who still have some vacation left.