Beta Comments

The beta version is almost ready for release. I am currently working through the game save/loading code and fixing up some missing/out of data functionality, and once that is done, I’ll roll out the game to the testers.

Note that although I call this a Beta, that’s not really an accurate term for it. A traditional Beta is usually based around a nearly complete game; this release is more like an “early access” style approach. What those of you who have signed up for on the beta list are getting is a (hopefully) playable, but still very much unfinished game. What I’m looking for is the same as other early access efforts: feedback, suggestions, and help finding the bugs in the code.

If you’re a tester: Be prepared that P&T2 will feel like a step back compared to the existing game, at least initially.

ic_launcherA lot of the more complex functionality in P&T2 is either not implemented yet, or has been deliberately disabled in the first version, in order to focus on the core gameplay: ship to ship battles and trading. Since the former is pretty much entirely new (multiple ships), I expect there to be a lot of problems with this initially. Also, expect a high pace of updates and having to restart beta games occasionally. At this stage of development, saved games will break.

If that bothers you, I’d strongly suggest not jumping into the beta, lest it sour you on the game. I prefer to stay out of betas/early access programs myself, so I’ll think nothing less of you if you should decide it would be better to wait.

I’ll of course be using the feedback/criticism to try and improve the game, and plan to push out updates frequently to fix bugs, make the interface more user-friendly and add/release the game elements that I feel are missing. Most of the communication will occur through the MicaBytes beta community on Google+, but it’s public so those of you interested but not intending to be a part of the beta can follow it there. If you’re interested, you can also follow work as it happens on the new public Trello board for P&T2 where I plan to register issues/bugs as they get discovered.

Thanks for reading.

  • Ronald Kaliszewski

    Ready to get the beta!

  • Zackery Hardin

    Love pirates and traders. Even though its mainly text and tap based which is good for its type of game, I’m hoping it gets major facelifts on those and could have actual ship combat sometime. Love the game and hope for continued success. My only issue which kind of creates a bit of comedy for me at the same time would be the spelling errors in the text. I assume it is to relay some sort of realistic feel but it even happens dealing with characters that should be literate such as the governors and that part can be kind of irky for me.

  • micabyte

    Glad you like it. Typos are 99% certainly not deliberate, so do please report any you find in the text.

    Real-time ship combat (I’m assuming that’s what you’re thinking of?) is unlikely to ever be a feature of the game while MicaBytes is a one-person operation. There are other aspects – character interactions, storytelling elements, alternate (non-Caribbean) settings that I’d rather spend my limired time on.

  • Zackery Hardin

    Not exactly real time. Thatll make it too much like sid meier’s Pirates. Just something a bit better visually. Like a flash player element showing your shots or something.

  • micabyte

    Ah, right. That sort of thing is still on my list of cool features that I don’t have time for, but it’s not quite as unrealistic that I might at some point find time/resources to do something about it. It might even be something I could outsource in the right circumstances.

  • Zackery Hardin

    Ill be looking forward to it. As for now, keep working on this new incarnation and ill check it out when its ready.