This year in the Caribbean

With the announcements on Small Battles and Dwarf King done, I’d better talk a little bit about what will be happening with Pirates and Traders in 2013.

Most of my development effort this year will go to working on the two announced games. However, this does not mean that I will abandon Pirates and Traders, and I still have work planned on the game to be done during the year; fixing bugs (of course), as well as adding additional content to the game. The plan for the year is to do at least the following:

  • Implement “Hunt for the Treasure Fleet”; a new multi-part storyline for the game, involving – strangely enough – the hunt for the Spanish Treasure Fleet. The majority of this story is written, and is planned for inclusion in version 2.6.0.
  • Implement “Freedom or Death”; another new multi-part storyline for the game involving piracy, smuggling, and treachery.
  • Add three new player backgrounds for P&T:Gold! players; the native, the escaped slave, and the indentured servant. The first two are a bit tricky, as the plan is for them to have some unique traits and items to fit their backgrounds.
  • Add some new personal items and ship improvements to P&T:Gold!. I’ve had a couple of these planned for some time, but failed to find the time to test them properly.

Beyond that, I still have ideas for additional small story lines that I hope to cram in as and when I get time and a few new features/improvements that I would like to implement. Time is limited, though, so I know better than to promise anything like that at this time. We’ll see what happens.