Progress Update – October

Well, that was unexpected. This weekend, the power supply unit of my development PC suddenly decided to die (well, I suspect the PSU – I’m still not 100% sure until I get a reply from the supplier). Fortunately the PSU is still under warranty, though the unfortunate side-effect is that I have to wait for the damaged unit to reach the supplier and a replacement to be sent to me, rather than simply going out to buy a new one.  This could easily take at least a week.

Which is crap – even though I take regular backups, they’re not easy to access from any of my other PCs (which run Linux). In addition to which, the last backup is a week old, so going to the effort of recovering the backed-up data is probably not worthwhile since I hope to have a replacement PSU before I would have redone the “lost” work.

Fortunately I can still do some work; I’ve got a bunch of quests for Pirates and Traders that need writing, and I actually have a completely up to date copy of Imperium available, so I’m also doing work on that. Which is nice – I haven’t really had time to do as much on this as I would like to as P&T has dominated the past couple of weeks.

Currently the plan is for a couple of big iterations on Pirates and Traders this month in order to add the main missing features, followed by a pause on major development (I’ll still be adding quests and doing smaller bug fixes) while I evaluate what to do next. In that period, I will be focusing my development effort on Imperium, and hopefully will be able to advance that to a point where I know where that project should go.

Thanks for reading – and thanks for playing.