Progress Report – Summer

The past months have been very busy ones – taking care of a toddler eats up time. It also makes it hard to get in the kind of concentrated periods of work that I thrive on, and work on Imperium has suffered as a result. Not being the type who is able to run on idle, I have instead focused my efforts on work that is a better fit to the reality of the work conditions I currently face, where I can do work for an half-hour here and there, as well as being able to run tests in the oddest of circumstances. In short – developing for my Android phone. This has resulted in two games so far – A Brief History of Rome (a port of the Java stuff I released last year) and Pirates & Traders.

A Brief History of Rome is pretty much done (though I still have some improvements to the framework that I plan to incorporate), but Pirates & Traders is a concept that I intend to expand on further.

Where does that leave the Imperium project? Although the actual code work I’ve done has been less than I had hoped, I’ve actually done a lot of work evaluating and working on the core game mechanics, trying to figure ways to streamline the design even further. In some ways, I am actually more optimistic about the game than I’ve been for a long time. Finding time to work on it is a problem, but I remain committed to getting it done in some form. I am hoping that I’ll be better able to structure my time (and thus be able to work on Imperium more consistently) once the little one enters daycare after the summer.

I will also try to return to regular monthly updates from now on. Until next time, have a great summer.