Progress Report – February

Hope all of you had a merry Christmas and that your year has started well.

As you may have noticed, I have hardly been idle. I spent a little time this January porting Imperium Mini over to the Android just for the heck of it. It went very smoothly and easily; the benefit of working with Java. I doubt there is much of a market on there for strategy games more complex than Risk, though; so it’s not likely to make me rich any time soon. Nevertheless, it’s the type of game I wish there were more of on phones (and I was bored at the time), so…

Despite getting sidetracked on that, I did work a lot on Imperium throughout the past two months. I completed the basic game version, but ran into a few bugs along the way (now mostly solved). Work right now is focused on figuring out how to make the AI work well, as I am not very happy with it right now; it is too passive. It was while I was working (on paper) with ideas for how to solve this issue that I did the Android porting.

I’ll be having some time to think through such issues over the next couple of months, as I’m off on maternity leave until April. This also means that I am likely to be less active online for a while; so if you don’t see any updates on progress before May, that will be the reason.