Progress Report – December

Here be Dragons. Or in other words: November was the month in which I spent far too much time playing Dragon Age: Origins. That’s the problem of working on stuff in one’s free time; it really doesn’t leave space for much else, so playing games for me is always a question of sacrificing work time on Imperium. In theory, that leaves me rested and refreshed when I renew work on Imperium. In practice, it often takes a while before I get properly back in the rhythm of working, but I’m getting there.

I did pretty much complete the work on the siege engine (or at least I hope so) before the break, and am now working on the AI for the operational game. My plan is to add in the operational features one at a time in a completed state for the next couple of months, while trying to slowly expand the AI to match with the new functionality. So the first version that I hope to have ready by the end of this month, should be a functional and playable version of the game – with just the movement and battle orders available. I’ll then be adding the mobilization orders, patrols, administration, construction, as well as the rest of the orders that make up the full game. We shall see how this goes when we enter the new year.