Welcome to MicaByte.com

Hi all, and welcome to the new site for Imperium. Hopefully you received the mail from the old forums, but if you didn’t here are the core points:

  • I’ll be doing a clean-up of the forums shortly. If you have an account on it, please make sure that you log in at least once between now and October 25. At the end of that period, most of the inactive accounts will be deleted.
  • The website is a work in progress (of course), so everything doesn’t yet work quite as intended. If you notice any major issues, please post about them on the forum – I’ll see what I can do.
  • From now on, all announcements/messages will go on the blog first (and be mirrored to the forum). If you’d like to get “live” updates of the announcements, you can subscribe to the RSS feed from the blog.
  • Imperium Mini is here. This is a little game I threw together when I needed to do some test work of the Imperium code. I’ve decided to release it now to give you guys something to mess around with (and hopefully find some bugs in), rather than letting it go to mold on my harddisk. Hope you enjoy it.