Classical Warfare: Characteristic leaders

Over on Flash of Steel, Troy Goodfellow has raised some interesting questions in a response to the previous post. I shall have to pass over most of the discussion for another time, as it would involve a rather more detailed discussion of the game’s character model than would be useful at this time. It does however remind me of one relevant aspect of the character model which I left out of the previous discussion.

Like many other strategy games that model characters, the persons in Imperium also have character traits. I didn’t touch upon them much in the previous discussion, as I am still considering balance issues. I find the “this trait adds 1% to you gold” and “+1 to your command skill” type of traits extremely uninteresting; but at the same time, one has to be careful that the character traits do not overshadow the character’s other attributes.

If the right balance is found, however, the traits of a person would be one of the systems used to distinguish between commanders. A Hannibal, for instance, might possess the “Ambusher” trait that would make it easier for him to get chances to ambush opponents. Fabius Maximus Cunctator might be served by a “Cautious” trait, which would provide the reverse ability. A Julius Caesar might be distinguished by “Celeritas” trait, providing him with an initiative bonus and reflecting his famed speed of operations.

The subject of characters is one I shall return to, as they are central to the entire gameplay mechanic in Imperium. The next couple of posts, though, will return focus to the combat system.