Imperium: Starting up

It’s been a while since the last post, but with vacation rolling around, I am getting more time to work on Imperium, and thus time also to write a bit. And since I’ve promised “new” screenshots for ages, I thought I’d better post something with one. Please note that the graphics are entirely “filler”; stuff that I have cobbled together myself and contributions from artists who have worked on the project, that will be replaced when the game is published. In short, there is little point in commenting on the graphics as such (I know they need to be fixed) – comments on the interface, on the other hand, are very welcome.

To start from the top, the first shot is a preliminary look at the game startup screen.

Imperium Startup Screen

Pretty straightforward, really; the top list on the left contains scenarios, the bottom list save games. The top left graphic is supposed to give an overview map of the game area (in this case, somewhat cropped), while the right image shows a graphic associated with the faction selected (in this case, Pyrrhus of Epirus).

Currently, there are only two campaigns available – The Pyrrhic War (my regular playtest and planned tutorial scenario), and the preliminary version of the Grand Campaign (preliminary, as in not yet completed). In addition to these two, I expect to build two more campaigns – “The Rise of Rome” (from 270 – 145, same startup as the grand campaign but ending right after the historical destruction of Carthage) as well as “The Fall of the Republic” (running from a historical setup of 145 BCE when Rome has “conquered the world” to the end of the Republic).

The “Information” button will provide additional information about the selected faction (objectives, hints and tips), while the “Options” button permits for the setting of game options (more on that later). “Return” exits, while “Done” starts up the game. As stated, pretty straightforward.